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Electrical Contractor in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Gauge, Electrical Contractor in Hampton, VA

Don't remain in the dark with electrical problems that pull the plug on your power. Hatchett Electrical Services Inc. in Hampton Roads, Virginia, provides professional and timely electrical services for your home. Cast light on your electrical issues with our experienced, professional and friendly electricians.

Fast and Efficient Repairs
When electrical components in your home are on the blink, you need an experienced electrician who locates the problem quickly. We provide fast service to fix your faulty outlets, temperamental switches, and finicky power panels. Contact us for professional electrical repair services before you blow a fuse.

Electrical Upgrades for Extra Protection
Upgrade your incoming electrical service or old wiring system to ensure that your home's electrical system is safe and up to code. With these upgrades, you can increase the power to your home, allow for more outlets, lighting and electrical appliances as well. We can provide all types and phases of electrical work for your home or business.

Call us today at (757) 725-0931 for high-quality electrical work at affordable prices.

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